De-ionising Cylinders / Multimedia Filters / Tanks & Pumps

De-ionising Cylinders

De-ionising Cylinders

De-ionising cylinders can be purchased as a complete unit ready filled, with a variety of inlet/ outlet connections.

A vessels exchange program is also offered for those customers with their own cylinders that require recharging.

Nuclear grade resins are available upon request for those requiring a higher level of purification.

Standard flow rate range from 0.10 – 4 m3 per hour.

These can be used in conjunction with De-ionisation or reverse osmosis equipment to produce ultra-pure water with a resistivity of up-to 18 megohms.


Multimedia Filters

Multimedia Filters

The range of filters can be used for colloidal and turbidity control.

Various models are available with flow rates up-to 16 m3/hr.

The filters are manufactured using GRP or composite vessels with ABS fittings and hardware as standard.

Automatic back flushing is required to re-grade the media and remove the retained debris from the media bed.

Back flushing is initiated via an electronic timer operating the diaphragm valves using the line water pressure.



Tanks & Pumps

Tanks & Pumps

A full range of pumps and tanks are offered, tailored to customer specification, and application requirements.

Pumps can be supplied from a range of manufacturers and include simplex and duplex configurations, up to complete packaged booster pump sets with multiple pumps.

Tanks can be supplied from standard ranges and sizes, or a bespoke design service is also offered where an standard size tank is not suitable.

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