b'Our ProductsTanks & PumpsA full range of pumps and tanks are offered, tailored to customer specification, and application requirements.Pumps can be supplied from a range of manufacturers and include simplex and duplex configurations, up to complete packaged booster pump sets with multiple pumps.Tankscanbesuppliedfromstandardrangesandsizes,orabespoke design service is also offered where an standard size tank is not suitable.UV SterilisationUV sterilisation systems are offered in a range of sizes, to suit most applications for microbial control.Each system would be specified based on the flow rate of the application and incoming water quality, along with pre filtration requirements to ensure the UV offers the optimum protection.The standard systems require 240v AC power, and offer a range of audio and visual alerts, with the larger systems offering more advanced features and displays.FiltrationAfullrangeoffiltrationisoffered,withapplicationsrangingfromsediment, chlorine,organicsandmicrobialremoval,andwouldbeachievedusingdisposable cartridges, bags and carbon filter elements.These are offered on a supply only basis, or can be supplied and installed byCapital Water personnel.ConsumablesA full range of consumables are offered on a supply only basis, or can be supplied and installed by Capital Water personnelSoftener saltSoftener resinDe-ionising resinGranular Activated Carbon (GAC)MembranesFiltersVariety of spares for water treatment and purification equipment09 t: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk'