b'ContentsAbout us02Our Services03 - 05Our Products: Water Softeners06Reverse Osmosis07Other Products08 - 09Our Markets10Statement of QualityIt is the policy of Capital Water Treatment to supply, manufacture, install and service all of our products and services to the highest quality and reliability standards in accordance with a sound commercial practice having regard to the market in which the company operates.Thefutureofthecompanyisdependentupon the production and provision of quality products and service not merely to enhance the companysestablishedreputationbutmoreimportantlytoretain and improve its position in the market place.Quality is the responsibility of all employees who are required to ensure that their actions maintain thehighqualityofworkpassingthroughtheiroperations.Inordertoensurecontinuousimprovement of the quality programme the quality system is subject to a planned comprehensive and vigorous analysis by means of both internal audits and management reviews. This is available for our customers or third party, certification / approval, surveillance as detailed within our quality manual. Access shall be given as necessary for evaluation purposes.This Quality Policy Statement shall be understood and implemented by all personnel employed by Capital Water Treatment.01 t: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk'