b'Our Services - L8 MonitoringHSE ACoP L8, Legionnaires disease, the control of legionella bacteria in water systems requires that awrittenschemeforcontrollingtheriskfromlegionellaisprepared.Thewrittenschemeshouldbeimplemented and properly managed so that all water systems are routinely checked for temperature, water demand and inspected for cleanliness and use.Water Hygiene Maintenance, Inspection and Monitoring to HSE requirementsHSE ACOP L8 and associated guidance HSG 274 Part 2: The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems require that the following are completed:Check the performance of the system and its component partsInspect the accessible parts of the system for damage and signs of contaminationMonitor the treatment / temperature regime to ensure that it continues to control to the requiredstandardAudit the existing site recordsA Water Hygiene Service Designed for Peace of MindCapital Water Treatment have extensive knowledge of legionella monitoring and inspection works with thelatest in handheld technology and web-based reporting. We can offer:National coveragePre-planned visit managementPackages from complete L8/HSG 274 compliance monitoring to bespoke packages for clients wheremonitoring items cannot be completed internallyMonitoring packages can include water sampling and analysis (chemical and microbiological includinglegionella) utilising a network of UKAS accredited laboratoriesDirect employed, trained, competent and experienced personnel05 t: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk'