b'InstallationCapital Water carry out a wide range of installations for the Public and Private sectors.All installations can be contracted by Capital Water including specialist plastics, copper, stainless steel, fully welded and Mapress.Service Contracts, Maintenance & Breakdown CoverCapital Water have a wealth of knowledge within the water treatment industry, and not only able to carry out the servicing of our own equipment, we also have theexpertisetocarryoutserviceworkonallwatertreatmentmanufacturers equipment.We offer service contracts to include the following:MaintenanceScheduled PPM visitsAll inclusiveContract customers benefit from our 24 hour 365 day cover, withbreakdown response times usually less than 24 normal working hours.All call outs, however minor are dealt with in the same manorSpecific response times for breakdown cover can also be catered forOur service engineers are all directly employed by Capital Water and cover the length and breadth of the UK and Eire. All engineers are trained in house andcontinually updated with new technologies and current legislation.CapitalWateralsocarryoutworkonasubcontractbasisforotherwatertreatment companies.Water HygieneCapital Water offers a full range of services for L8 compliance from the initial Risk Assessments, to remedial works, tank cleaning and sanitisation.Water Hygiene Service work can be tailored for weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual checks and water sampling.t: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk 04'