b'Introducing Capital Water TreatmentThe company began in Londons West End but it soon became apparent that a much larger facility was needed to cope with demand, so Capital Water Treatment moved its head office to Croydon, where it remained for many years. In April 2018, due to continued expansion the head office relocated to Redhill in Surrey, where we now have over 8,000 square feet incorporating offices, production and maintenance areas.Capital Water Treatment directly employs a team of full-time service engineers and installation personnel who between them have a combined experience of over 150 years within the market place, and also offers full service cover for the whole of the United Kingdom and Eire.CapitalWaterTreatmentoffersabespokedesignservicefornewinstallationsandprovideshardware,installation, contract maintenance and breakdown cover and servicing of all types of water treatment andwater purification equipment throughout the UK and Eire, within the healthcare, industrial and laboratorymarkets.The company works extensively, but not exclusively within the health markets, including NHS and PrivateHospitals, with specialist fields including Renal Dialysis and Sterile Services.We also have extensive expertise in the industrial markets covering boiler feed water, process water, productwater and many other areas where purified or treated water is required.In addition our customers include Property Management Companies, Schools, Hotel and Leisure Facilities with regard to L8. Our Products and Services include:Manufacture and Sale of water treatmentServices Offered:equipment:InstallationWater softeners MaintenanceReverse OsmosisDe-ionising equipment Service contractsFiltration Breakdown servicingUV sterilisationMulti media filters BS8558 DisinfectionBespoke project designComplete water treatment packagesChlorine dioxideL8 Compliance: Spares and Consumables:Risk Assessments (RA) Softener saltCleaning and sanitisation of tanks and ResinsSoftener and De-ionisingdown services Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)MembranesSampling (LP, chemical and microbiology) FiltersMonthly, quarterly and annual waterVariety of spares for water softener andhygiene services RO unitsChemicalst: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk 02'