b'Our ProductsRenal DialysisA full range of bespoke products are offered for the Renal Dialysis market, covering both the ward areasandalsohomeinstallations.Eachoneofthebelowproductscanbedesignedandtailoredtosuittheindividual requirements of the installation, or specific requirements of the Client. Media panels for use within ward areasDrain boxes for home install or wardinstallationFilter boards for home installationBespoke drip traysSilent booster pumpsDe-ionising CylindersDe-ionising cylinders can be purchased as a complete unit ready filled, with a variety of inlet/ outlet connections.A vessels exchange program is also offered for those customers with their own cylinders that require recharging.Nuclear grade resins are available upon request for those requiring a higher level of purification.Standard flow rate range from 0.10 - 4 m3 per hour.These can be used in conjunction with De-ionisation or reverse osmosis equipment to produce ultra-pure water with a resistivity of up-to 18 megohms.Multimedia FiltersThe range of filters can be used for colloidal and turbidity control.Various models are available with flow rates up-to 16 m3/hr.ThefiltersaremanufacturedusingGRPorcompositevesselswithABSfittings and hardware as standard.Automatic back flushing is required to re-grade the media and remove the retained debris from the media bed.Back flushing is initiated via an electronic timer operating the diaphragm valves using the line water pressure.t: +44 (0) 20 8649 9503 e: sales@capitalwater.co.uk www.capitalwater.co.uk 08'